Understanding Sagittarius Personality Traits

These days, most people check their horoscope and personality information online. This field of science is increasingly gaining popularity, and you can learn a great deal about the Sagittarius personality and its various traits from the web without having to visit a personality specialist. In the world of horoscopes, there are twelve sun signs, all of which are equally significant. However, the Sagittarius stands out of the rest in a number of ways.

Sagittarius 300x300 Understanding Sagittarius Personality Traits

The Sagittarius male is a very optimistic looking individual, always looking out to do what other people are yet to think about. This individual always wants to pave his own path and walk on it. Always concentrating on the brighter side of life and the zeal of trying out new stuff, he is trusts just about everyone, which often gets him disappointed in the process. A Sagittarius man is usually full of luck, whether at the professional level or at the personal level. He can easily start a relationship and heal from a broken one with ease. To this man, your nature matters more that your appearance. He believes that it is the inner person that matters, not the outer appearance.

The Sagittarius male is innocent at heart and quite straightforward with words. He will never deceive you; however, he can annoy you with blunt words. This is not his fault since he is quite child-like that he is not good at playing with his words. He is very honest and loyal such that if he does not feel any love for you, he will never say those three words to you, no matter your level of relationship. In a family set up, he takes sometime before he can get used to kids, and when he finally does, he immediately becomes their best ally. He requires proper attention during family life too.

The female Sagittarius on the other hand speaks all her heart and mind out. Of all the zodiac signs, she is the most straightforward and blunt human. A passion for travelling and exploring the world is the most conspicuous trait of the Sagittarian female. She is very adventurous and barely settles in any particular place for long. To the greatest extent, this girl can be very extravagant, often falling for impulsive buying without paying attention to the price tag. When she is not in her best moods, do not be shocked to hear very harsh and insensitive sentiments from her. When she is angry, she can make you too feel her anger and dejection. The Sagittarian girl is renowned for her sarcastic remarks, which she forgets easily. Like her male counterpart, the female Sagittarian trusts people quite easily, getting hurt in the process.
Sagittarian children are always jovial in nature, bubbling with a lot of energy. Children born under this zodiac sign are always very happy and playful, often hopping from one point to the other like a clown. Thanks to this adventurous nature, these kids rarely settle at one place. Such kids are usually warm when meeting new people, thus expecting, and generally receiving, the same warmth in return. Sagittarian children are interested in a lot of outdoor activities, often playing with animals. They are very honest in their relationships, and thus expect the same from the people around them.

Because of their energetic nature, Sagittarian kids are quite prone to cuts, bruises and bumps than the other kids. These kids hardly understand norms, thus they need to be taught to obey social rules. Like Sagittarian females, Sagittarian kids too are quite extravagant hence you need to teach them how to be responsible with money. They have a happy-go-lucky nature; however, the frustrations of life can turn them into very angry and sarcastic grown ups.

A Sagittarian and an Arian are very compatible and can have a healthy long term relationship or marriage, especially when bedroom matters are well taken care of. They both enjoy living life to the fullest, and are very spontaneous and social. In addition, they are both generous money spenders.

A Sagittarian and a Lion are perfectly compatible. They are both very social, independent and adventure loving. These connect them perfectly, making their union strong and long lasting.

A Sagittarian and an Aquarian are also very compatible for long term relationships. They are both inventive, smart and exciting as well as outgoing and social. In addition, they have a very positive and outward outlook, and are never jealous of one another.

A Sagittarian and a Gemini can be compatible in the long term; however, they will have to overcome a lot of hurdles as they are both undermining, laid back and flexible.

Sagittarius and Virgo are never compatible, especially in the long term. While Sagittarians look for excitement and adventures, Virgo people prefer structured planning. This is not good for a long term relationship because while Virgo looks for a commitment in a relationship, the Sagittarian wants freedom.

Sagittarius is also not very compatible with Cancer because of difference in goals. While the Sagittarian will be wandering around, seeing where life takes him, the Cancer person on the other hand is very systematic, with everything planned out in life.

Sagittarian turn ons
Sagittarians have a very candid and frank personality. In fact, they can be so very frank that they can seem simply blunt at times. They will appreciate you if you appreciate others, and can be very upfront and direct. They are also very optimistic, always seeing the glass as half full. They are always approaching life from the sunny and cheerful side. Finally, they are very active and busy, always on the move. Their schedules are always busy, and they will never want anything to do with couch potatoes.

Sagittarian turn offs
Nothing turns off these individuals like small talks. You will bore a Sagittarian to death by talking about the weather or anything similar. Even if they are smiling and nodding politely, they are inwardly itching to leave you for someone with more interesting topics to discuss.

Never imagine that you can restrict or impose rules on Sagittarians. They just cannot live their lives this way, and they cannot tolerate you if you expect them to do so. They just love freedom and everything that comes with it. Finally, cutting off a Sagittarian while he is talking about something interesting to him/her will never score you any point.

People with Sagittarius personality traits have a lot of strengths if they can just channel their energy to productive activities. They are naturally outgoing and most people enjoy their company. They have a way of infecting the people around them with optimism, vision and inspiration. When they choose to, they can persuade anyone to believe them. As the saying goes, they can sell ice to an Eskimo.

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