Scorpio Personality Traits And Tendencies

Scorpio personality traits lead them to be some of the most misunderstood people. This sign is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Individuals born under this sign are typically intense and determined, though they may display these qualities in different ways. They are also complex. You cannot make a cookie-cutter representation of Scorpios to fit all of them. People as diverse as Bill Gates and Charles Manson were born under this sign.

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You will know that you are working with a Scorpio when you look at his or her office. Scorpios tend to have few decorations or personal touches. Those that they do have will be odd and seemingly unrelated to each other. There may not even be a chair to sit on. Scorpios do not gather in clusters to gossip about their coworkers or even chat about politics. They consider that sort of behavior to be a big waste of time. Bosses love having Scorpios as employees. They do not bring a lot of drama to the job and tend to be focused and industrious. However, their straightforwardness can make others uncomfortable until they get to know them better.

Scorpios are adept at a number of different roles but they tend to choose careers that place them in power. Many surgeons, leaders and scientists are Scorpios. They like giving orders and being at the top of the chain of command. They are also very conservative in their business decisions and accumulate wealth rapidly because of wide spending behavior. This can also lead to turning them into misers who hide large amounts of money. This can be related to their fear of revealing too much about themselves in romantic relationships or in friendships.

When it comes to romance, Scorpios experience intense and profound emotions. They feel things very deeply. However, they are not terribly open about these deep feelings that they have. Scorpios tend to close themselves off from others, even those who are close to them. This is not caused by a lack of love or emotion, but rather by fear of losing control over their emotions. They are also extremely loyal but they do expect the same undying loyalty in return.

Scorpios are straight shooters and will not play games with a friendship. They will not expect you to pick up on hints and anticipate their needs or desires. If a Scorpio wants you to do something, he or she will let you know. However, this direct way of speaking can seem overly critical to sensitive individuals. The great thing about their lack of sugar-coating is that you will know that their compliments are genuine. A Scorpio will not waste time telling you something that he or she does not believe to be true. You may have to pull a Scorpio from his or her shell, though. They can be very introverted and feel most comfortable in the presence of a small group of friends or family.

Whether you are involved with a Scorpio as a friend, lover or coworker, be prepared for their intensity and some unique contradictions which are caused by their passion rather than by hypocrisy. As hardheaded as they are, they may also enjoy studying the occult or conspiracy theories in their spare time. Even if they do not take these things seriously, they will find them fascinating. They may maintain a veneer of cold emotionlessness but they are actually very emotional. These emotions will be provoked whenever they feel a lack of control over a situation or a relationship.

Scorpio men emanate a strong masculinity. This is most evident in the force of their sexual desires. However, Scorpios are less prone to form long-term relationships. It is much easier to have a one-night stand. This is not due to any shallowness on their part but rather due to their reluctance to open up.

The truth is that Scorpio men are very sensitive and often feel lonely. Once they let you inside, they will not forgive even the slightest betrayal of confidence or emotion. They can change emotional focus in a heartbeat. The passionate lover can turn ice cold and full of fury at the first sign of a romantic let down.

Just as the Scorpio man is so strongly masculine, the Scorpio woman is a powerful feminine force. However, this does not simply translate into softness and submissiveness. She can be a very demanding lover and will be wary of opening up to a lover, setting up a series of tests for their lovers to overcome before she begins to reveal her inner self. Strong, type-A personalities will adore these challenges and be eager to break through to her real self.

Scorpios make wonderful children but they can seem unreachable at times. They form powerful bonds with their loved ones and family members, but are not unusually upset when left alone. They find it terribly easy to entertain themselves. They are very inquisitive and are able to pick up and retain knowledge quickly from a variety of sources. Spend special time occasionally with your Scorpio child because he or she may be shoved aside by children with louder, more forward personalities in the family.
Scorpios get along best with Cancer and Pisces. They are also able to have satisfying friendships and romances with Virgo, Leo and Capricorn if these latter signs are willing to get past the hard exterior. When paired with other Scorpios, an Aries or a Taurus, they may butt heads and generate a lot of bitterness.

If you want to attract a Scorpio, present your authentic self with no adornment. Scorpios can spot a false exterior from a great distance. Be as frank and honest with them as they are with you. They will respect this trait, especially if they realize how hard it is for others to act in this manner.

The most important of the Scorpio personality traits is passion. This may surprise some people who have a hard time associating their stony exterior with red hot passion. However, you do not have to know a Scorpio for very long before you see traces of their explosive emotions.

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